paint coating measurement

The CarCheck System PLUS is capable of measuring car paint coatings – image and data based. Easy, thanks to user configurable menu navigation and automated documentation.

The new CarCheck System PLUS qualifies car expert reports by using image and data based documentation of coating thickness measurements.


Original photos in car expert reports guarantee highest security even when assessing high quality cars on the secondhand car market regarding accidental damage and insurance claims.

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The world first image CarCheck System PLUS with image-based documentation from Automation Dr. Nix provides experts, for the first time, with a foundation for complete process control today and in the future.


The systematically navigated and process-oriented coating thickness measurement provided by this new system is characterized in particular by automated documentation and menu navigation users can configure themselves.


It even guarantees the security of all parties involved by logging all relevant criteria for professional car expert reports based on photos and data when assessing accidents, insurance inquiries, buying a second-hand car or in the court of law.


Based on the proven technology of the QNix® 1500 – the coating thickness gauge most used by experts -, the practiceoriented and user-friendly operation of the CarCheck System PLUS has been advanced.


A rugged, easy-to-use and reliable next generation coating thickness measuring system was created, providing a large measuring range and an innovative software solution.


The easy-to-configure CarCheck System PLUS allows experts to measure a car paint coating and to document it – providing high quality expert reports that stand their ground in the court of law.